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How did it start? History of cryptocurrencies…

The world is a constantly changing place and we all have to adapt to make the most of the opportunities that appear every day. Crypto money is not a very fresh idea so far but many people are still ignorant about the options it give us for work and fun.

Let’s start at the very beginning. The story of the digital cash starts in the 80s with the creation of a not very popular so-called ecash but it was still far from the cryptos as we know them today. Before the first decentralized cryptocurrency appeared there had been different realizations of this idea flying in the air. You probably haven’t heard of them at all (digicash, bit gold, b-money) but that’s okay, nobody has, except those who read about them in Wikipedia.

Finally, in 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto (still no one knows who he is) created Bitcoin (BTC). And what is more, he provided the other digital money enthusiasts with the whitepaper for its creation and development. And since then different cryptocurrencies are popping up constantly. E.g. there are some other popular digital currencies: Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), etc. They use more or less the same principles and backed not by gold but by a level of intellectual and technological progress.

Bitcoin was the first and, we dare to say, it is still the most popular among the cryptos. Its value is subject to constant change. Then why do many people risk their hard money and invest in the cryptocurrencies? Because it’s trendy? Yes! Moreover, it’s comfortable, secure and anonymous.

People always wanted to be free and digital money seems to be a real solution in the world of total control by a global banking system. This is sometimes principal especially when it goes about gambling. Many players do not want to share their personal or financial data with third parties or just cannot fully rely on some online casinos but want to play there. Cryptocurrencies are a perfect way out. Moreover, due to unique blockchain technology and intricate encryption algorithms, all the transactions are instant, safe and can be verified.

It’s no wonder that some online casinos due to the dictates of time started to deal with the digital money and their owners. Some of them decided to eliminate fiat money at all. Nevertheless, online gambling is quite right sphere to apply your “bitcoins”.

How to find the right Cryptocurrency Casino?

A good crypto casino should have some features that show if it is reliable and fair.

First, it should be licensed of course. There are few trustworthy licenses in this sphere today – UK, Curacao, and Maltese. Check if the chosen site has at least one.

Then, what matters much is a software platform the casino uses to provide you access to the games. For example, the SoftSwiss platform is a highly reliable and flexible means based on Ruby technology, which means you can be sure your game won’t be interrupted and your bitcoins (or whatever) won’t be wasted.

Also, it is important that the chosen casino has fast and helpful customer support. If any of the problems occur during cryptocurrency transactions or gaming process it is better to solve them straight away.

It should also have a big variety of games issued by reputed gaming software providers. We can call some of them e.g. BetSoft, Ezugi, Play’N’Go, BGaming, GameART, etc.

By the way, many notorious gambling game producers already face the challenges of a new era and adapt their products to the usage of cryptocurrencies. Some even produce games for the usage of cryptos only. And we are talking not only about slots, but the same is also fair for progressive jackpots, blackjack, and roulette games. So if you want to use only digital money it is easy to match a game with such an option.

All games in the crypto casinos are played in mBTC, if to talk about Bitcoin. In fact, mBTC (a thousandth part of a BTC) is the most popular unit to make a bet but of course, there are others, so you can choose whatever is comfortable for you (taking into consideration wagering requirements and the list of the cryptos available at the site). But of course, there are online casinos that offer an opportunity to make a bet in both kinds of money—hard or digital. You should definitely pay attention to the most popular of them, meeting the features we mentioned above. For example, 7BitCasino, Mars Casino, Bob Casino, Gunsbet, BitStarz, and others.

Cryptocurrency Casinos vs Fiat Casinos

It is likely that you have tried to play online casino games already and may ask what’s the main difference between an ordinary fiat money online casino and a cryptocurrency casino? Apparently, it is speed. An absence of a third party (like a bank) makes all transactions insanely instant. But of course, there are other doubtless pros of crypto casinos. Such licensed casinos are well-checked and implement the latest technologies to provide their players with fair and uninterrupted games and connections.

The registration and depositing processes are unbelievably fast and completely anonymous. All your bet outcomes and withdrawals are safe and secure, and what is more – transparent. You can verify and control your transactions without third-party delays and service fees. Crypto casinos can be opened and played it from the US or other states with some gambling restrictions. You can top up your deposit or get your winnings at any moment without any further bank approval.

Are there any risks in playing in crypto casinos? Comparatively, there are no risks; in fact, a rascally casino can try to cheat you by interrupting your sessions or ignoring your winning withdrawals, but on the level of the digital money transfer, there can be no overindulging. Basically, you have the same issue to solve – to find a decent licensed casino to play, which is actually not only for crypto casinos.

Final Words

Summarizing the article if you were brisk enough to invest your money into cryptocurrencies then why not try your luck in gambling in a crypto casino. You could experience a lot of merits of such casinos and now it’s up to you if to play there or not. We recommend you try it by yourself in the casinos that offer both options like cryptocurrency and fiat money and decide what is the most convenient for you. In our opinion, it’s the ultimate solution for now.

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