New Paf Casino game: Rampen Rytmikäs Riemuriihi pays jackpots!

New Paf Casino game: Rampen Rytmikäs Riemuriihi pays jackpots!

New Paf game pays out jackpot twice on launch day!

Paf Casino‘s new online slot game Rampen Rytmikäs Riemuriihi featuring Finnish comedian Pirkka-Pekka Petelius was a huge hit, bringing a lot of joy to two lucky players on the very first day that the slot was released.

This is the first time in Paf’s history that a new game pays out two jackpots within 24 hours of being launched.


It seems as though our new slot has spread to our Swedish players as well. The first jackpot win of the day was from Sweden with a win of €316,071.70!

Almost as soon as the jackpot reset itself to €100,000 and started building, it went out again. This time we had a Finnish jackpot winner landing a lovely €100,069.85.

Pooled Jackpot

The won jackpots in Rampen Rytmikäs Riemuriihi is a part of a new pooled jackpot on At the moment three games contribute to this growing pot – the other two being SchlagerSlotten (featuring Swedish musician Lasse Holm) and Sällskapsresan (featuring Swedish actor Lasse Åberg).

Rampen Rytmikäs Riemuriihi is the latest of games based on Paf's concept to create own studio games featuring market specific celebrities.

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